A dream sponsorship

Pylon airrace and aerobatics are peculiar disciplines: extreme, artistic, mechanical and technological at the same time. These sports are innovative, federating and exciting. François Le Vot is pleased to invite you to be part of it becoming an FLV’stabled sponsor.

Sensational sport

Pilots and their aerial Formula 1 offer exceptional shows as racing or doing aerobatics. The proposed figures are striking: tendrils, kicks, hovering flights or in reverse, François Le Vot Special! Such feats and achievment fully in control, added to the plane’s technical performance and the pilot’s physical and mental commitments get people rocking.

That’s the reason why this kind of exhibitions attracts audiences and media all over the world.


  • Participate in rare events, as closely as possible to planes, in a space for guests, as well as for sponsors,
  • Display your values through these exceptional events all around the world, covered by the set of the medias and which welcome up to 700 000 visitors,
  • Attend astonishing air presentations realized by planes of last generation, as a VIP,
  • Live out every exploit of your pilot, among 14 better world pilots,
  • Create custom-made events for your partners.
By becoming FLV’s partner you can benefit from:
  • Complete and exclusive aircraft branding,
  • Visibility on plane and equipments: wing, wheels fairing,
  • Visibility on shed,
  • Visibility on pilot’s flying suit,
  • Visibility on team equipment,
  • Privileged access on the tarmac,
  • Photos/videos any given up rights,
  • Visibility on all communication’s tools (web site, social networks, press),
  • and many more advantages according to your level of partnership.

Choose your partnership

François Le Vot is a world-famous pilot. He has already won pestigious championships and competitions. He will help to take you to prestigious and elitist Aerobatic’s universe.
The partnership can be thought on your target basis:
Redbull AirRace partnership

This race is present on more than ten competition sites around the world. One year and more of communication and visibility. Several levels of partnership are possible, either exclusivity: branding, VIP pass, private flights, etc.
Championship partnership

All kind of branding are possible: plane, clothes, materials, communication tools, etc. Different levels of competition and visibility: national, european and international.
Aerial Meeting partnership

FLV could run an aerobatic show wearing your branding to carry your values and objectives (audience, localisation, etc.)  Those meetings occur all over the world and always attract many people.

Eventually, FLV can create your own exhibition or event around flying to involve your team and give you a place near the stars: private shows, pilot’s conference, private flights, etc.