FLV Aérosports is a set of human and technical competences entirely dedicated to François Le Vot and his partners’support. The complexity and international standing of aerobatic mandate a proper structure which offers:

  • Facilities: hangars and runways
  • Planes: maintenance and covering
  • Staff: mechanics and coaches
  • Communication: public relations and partnerships

Every competition or meeting has to be meticulously prepared by the pilot and his team. From the operational production, the representative mission, to the flight execution each step is thinking, testing, checking and re-checking. The partner is totally associated during all the process of the meeting or championship he chose to be part of.

With his pilot, his team, its planes and its infrastructure, FLV can participate in any aeronautical event (national, international, on all the spots of the planet.) It can also answer all your specific requests: participation in your internal events, presentations of acrobatics, private flights, etc.

Information, meeting, specific recommendations: using the contact form

The Planes

The Planes


In 2009-2010, Zivko improved Edge 540 and created a special Edge 540 for Red Bull Air Race, code-name “Edge 540 V3”.
There are only 5 models on earth!

Weight: 1170lbs (530kg)
Top speed: 422,4 km/h
Roll rate: 420 degrees per second
Max G: 12 g's
Motor: Lycoming ae10 540 exp
Cylinders: 6
Construction: Carbon fiber wings & steel tube fuselage
Wing profile: Wingspan 24.4 feet (7.4 Metres)
Propellor: Hartzell 3 blades composite
Autonomy: 350+ HP
Autonomie: 700 miles (1000km)
Conveying optima height: 2500m


3G Zivko Edge 540, V3 has been specially designed for the race. It has the same engine but its shape is clearly more aero-dynamic and it is lighter. The plane cut out for speed and in aerobatics. François Le Vot will start the season with the old plane ant then get this new one which should clearly improve his already outstanding results!